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Functionality: Where applicable, the "ON/OFF", "STOP/PLAY", and "CLOSE" button must be prominent and obvious. Where applicable, the method of expansion and un-expansion must be the same. (i.e.,cheap air jordans,cheap air jordans, click-to-initiate and click-to-close OR roll over-to-initiate and roll off-to-close). strongly recommends and prefers 'click to initiate', however, will accept roll over/roll off on pages other than the home page pending site approval. Close Button: A mandatory "CLOSE X" button(s) must be prominent and obvious in the top right corner for floating, out-of-banner, billboard, pushdown and expandable banner ads initiated by a user's click. Close button font size must be 11 pixels, bold text, and 4 pixel padding around the text. The ad, including “CLOSE X” button, may not cover core page navigation or other ads. Audio and Video: No host-initiated audio is permitted on Audio must be user-initiated by clicking within the banner and contain clearly visible "mute" and "stop" functionality. Video File Size is a maximum of 2.5 MB and maximum frame rate is 18 FPS. FILE FORMATS: FLASH, GIF, JPG, HTML
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