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will think naturally aspirated V6 engine and rear-wheel drive FR. In fact, when the car had said earlier that two things I really did not care too much about before, but there were great discount Toyota Finance, a car can be a lot cheaper. In addition, Toyota quality is reliable, future maintenance costs are not too high.
I remember one year birthday, a friend sent me a DVD, which he said the old man to drive special bar, Reiz also appears in the screen. This DVD disc is so I know a Japanese drift master Keiichi Tsuchiya, the first time an insight into the real drift. Then I will put the conversion of no return.
Let my car really “float up” before, I need to be a preliminary modification. Select models Reiz modified pieces there are many basic Japanese brands have changed parts support, versatility is relatively large. Walking is the initial construction of the system, and I chose the dress BilsteinB12 suit with shock that this moderate hardness, can run both the street and home, and more durable.
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